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Предстои представяне на продукта на български език.

За информация на английски език: http://www.vaillant.co.uk/homeowners/renewable-energy/heat_pumps/geotherm-1/


Energy from the ground can be used by a heat pump to provide useful energy to heat the home. Ground source heat pumps offer excellent energy savings as up to 75% energy for heating can be extracted from the ground.
geoTHERM is the ideal solution for heating your home. geoTHERM can be connected to a suitable high performance hot water cylinder for domestic hot water and to an underfloor heating or radiator system for space heating.

The benefits

Clean and efficient use of free energy source to provide heating and hot water
Every 1kW used to run the heat pump generates approximately 4kW to heat the home
Low energy bills
Reduces use of fossil fuels
Reduces CO2 emissions
Grants available from the Low Carbon Buildings Programme


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